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イベント告知です 2月26日ハムリンフィスチュラジャパン/対アフリカ協力



Africa: Challenges and Change Amidst Timeless Beauty

Please join the Harvard community in Japan for an event focusing on Africa! Our main speaker will be Shunichi Murata, Director, United Nations Development Programme Tokyo Office who will speak about his organization’s efforts in Africa. Joining Mr. Murata will be Taiji Igarashi, a Japanese photographer who lived many years in Kenya and whose photos of Africa have appeared in National Geographic and other leading publications. Originally intended as a lead-in to Harvard Alumni Association's annual conference planned for South Africa in March, which has now been canceled due to the worldwide financial crisis, this event will be our chance to learn more about Africa here in Tokyo and share in the expertise and experience of Director Murata and photographer Igarashi.

The event will be held at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Yurakucho. Event fee including buffet dinner is 7,000 yen, with cash bar available. Full details including registration information can be found below.

Shunichi Murata holds a graduate degree in political science/international relations from George Washington University and a Master of Public Administration degree from Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. After joining UNDP in 1981, he served as Assistant Resident Representative, UNDP China; Deputy Resident Representative, UNDP Mongolia and UNDP Philippines; and UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative, Bhutan. After serving for four years as a Professor in the School of Policy Studies, Kwansei Gakuin University, he assumed his current post with UNDP in November 2006.

Taiji Igarashi
Born in Nemuro City, Hokkaido, Japan. After graduating from the Nippon Photography Institute in 1995, has been working on the theme "the beauty of Africa" centered around Kenya and Tanzania. His main publications in photographic magazines and papers include National Geographic, Mainichi Weekly, etc. He is also working as a fixer for National Geographic TV & Magazine, BBC, SafariMedia, etc. Lived in Kenya for 6 years and currently resides in Tokyo. Understudy to the photographer Kenji Higuchi.

Please register by noon Feb 23rd to e-mail or fax below.
e-mail: veritas@fa.catv-yokohama.ne.jp
fax: 03-5727-1397


ハムリンフィスチュラジャパン関係の私の最近の活動については、こちらのブログで、ご案内しております。最近は、ロータリークラブ様の卓話に何回か続けて呼んでいただいたりしております。今年は、ハムリンフィスチュラグループ50周年で、病院をフィーチャーした英語のDVD、Walk to Beautifulの日本語版製作のための資金集めや上映会設定が、現在の私の課題です。


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